Systems Management Group provides several different types of camera systems, ranging from a single standalone camera, to a complete analog system, to a networked multi-facility digital system. Systems Management Group will work with you to understand your needs and budget, and design a system that meets all your requirements.

Analog camera systems have been around for quite a while, yet they still are popular. Systems Management Group installs analog camera systems when cost is a contributing factor, and there is no need for HD quality video. Most of these types of surveillance systems can provide you with remote viewing software and apps, and Systems Management Group can help you set this option up.

Digital camera systems comprised of the newest technology have quickly gained popularity and as technology has advanced, they have become significantly less expensive. Systems Management Group recommends digital camera systems for small business to enterprise level facilities since they are easy to network across the internet and they are easily expandable. Digital camera systems also provide our customers with HD and UHD level video streams providing the best pictures available. Digital camera systems require a more robust network design than an analog system, and Systems Management Group will test and inspect your network for proper bandwidth to accommodate a digital surveillance system.