Video surveillance systems, also called camera systems or CCTV systems, have gained popularity over the past decade.  Systems Management Group is licensed, trained, and certified to design, engineer, install, and service most manufacturers’ camera systems.  Video surveillance can be as simple as a couple of cameras around your property hooked up to a centrally located display for you to see what’s going on, to multiple cameras inside and outside along with the capability of remote viewing from your laptop or smart device.  Camera systems come in either analog or digital designs, with some manufactures having “tribrid” technology allowing for both analog and digital cameras to ride on the same network.  Systems Management Group will work with you on the design of your project to ensure proper equipment is specified and installed.  Your internal network is an integral part of video surveillance system, especially if you’re installing a digital camera system or you would like to view your cameras remotely.  Systems Management Group will inspect your network and provide necessary feedback on its capabilities.

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