Structured wiring is an industry term used to describe the different types of low voltage cabling products that are used when wiring your property.  Structured wiring devices all have the same basic purpose: to efficiently distribute some sort of data signals throughout your property. The types of cabling that is generally used in structured wiring provide you with cable TV, phone service, connection to your network (internet).  Systems Management Group can also provide you with structured wiring that delivers technology you may not be so familiar with such as, audio/video distribution, automation and environmental control, security systems, etc.  Structured wiring is essentially the backbone of your low voltage system cabling.  Most facilities have a designated spot where the structured wiring will “head end” this spot is generally notated in the low voltage system design, and Systems Management Group makes sure this area is secure and free from environmental disturbances that may limit the life of your equipment.  Depending on the needs of your low voltage systems, we will determine the types of cabling you will need in your structured wiring installation, however; the typical cables used are cat5e & cat6, RG6, and some sort of multi-conductor cable varying in cable size depending on length.  Systems Management Group uses several different styles of enclosures and/or racks to “head end” your cabling to keep a nice, neat, clean, and efficient look.  This is more than just aesthetically pleasing, it also allows for ease-of-use.  Systems Management Group uses labeling and other systematic designs to allow for efficient service calls.