Service and Maintenance Plans

Systems Management Group’s mission is to provide honest sales, industry leading installations, and unsurpassed service for all of your property needs.

Systems Management Group offers monitoring, service, and maintenance plans to ensure your low voltage electronics stay in proper working order and provide you with the security and peace of mind you desire.  Systems Management Group offers service and maintenance agreement options for your low voltage systems such as fire alarms, camera systems, audio/video systems, voice/data systems, access control, and burglar alarms.  A routine service and maintenance of these systems will extend the life of the system, as well as ensure the system is working to its full capacity.  Agreeing to a service and maintenance contract with Systems Management Group by prorating labor and materials, and includes routine maintenance of your systems

Test, Inspect, and Certification Plans

In most jurisdictions, there are requirements that your fire alarm, life safety, access control, and security systems must meet.  Systems Management Group works hand-in-hand with the authorities in these jurisdictions to know what the requirements are and that you are in compliance.  We offer plans where we will routinely test and inspect your system to ensure your system is within the compliance range and you are fully protected.  Systems Management Group will certify your system and provide you with the proper documentation to provide back to your local authorities.  Signing up for a test, inspect, and certification plan with Systems Management Group will give you peace of mind knowing you have an industry expert in your corner when needed.

Monitoring Plans

Systems Management Group offers plans to monitor your fire alarm systems, security systems, access control systems, and camera systems.  Systems Management Group uses UL certified central monitoring stations for all of our clients; this provides our clients with top-notch facilities that are up-to-date with the current federal regulations and certifications.  Monitoring your system with Systems Management Group allows for your system to communicate with our central station and prompt a designated response predetermined by you.  Systems Management Group works with you to set up a game plan on how to respond to an alert received by our central monitoring station to keep you and your property protected.  Systems Management Group works closely with the local authorities to stay compliant with licensing, certifications, and training so you know that the systems we install and monitor will provide you with the security and peace of mind you desire.

Systems Management Group can build a custom plan that encompasses any or all of the above plans to keep your systems in optimal working order and provide you with the services you need to stay compliant.  Give us a call today for a free analysis on how we can service you better!