Scenes are the magic behind automation.  When you install a smart home system, having control of your devices is just the beginning. Now you can have your devices do an action just because you asked another device to do something.  This is called IFTTT (If This Then That) technology.  Imagine waking up in the morning, disarming your alarm and your system sends a message to start your coffee maker, raise the blinds, and starts to turn on the lights you need in the morning.  Systems Management Group can also set your system to send you a picture or video of who disarmed your system.  So, when your kid gets home from school, you’ll get a 3 second video clip of walking in the door and disarming the system.   When adding sensors to your gun safe or liquor cabinet, you can get a text alert when it is opened outside of the designated times. This doesn’t create an alarmed event, just notifies that it was opened.  Geofencing technology knows when you’re approaching your home, and what time it is, so you can have your alarm disarm as you’re pulling up, your entry lights turn on, and your favorite music start playing.  This all sounds hi-tech and expensive, but with the expertise of Systems Management Group and the advances in technology, this is no longer only for the Jetsons!