The Benefits of Remote Monitoring Systems

Many business owners see security systems as a luxury, but they are, in fact, a necessity.  Because of budgetary constraints, some managers and owners are reluctant to invest.  However, an installation has many long-term benefits.  Below are some advantages for customers to think of when considering purchasing Remote Monitoring Services.

Simplified Access Controls

A monitoring system from Systems Management Group allows our customers to have a log of who is entering and leaving the property and at what times; it also simplifies the process of tracking guests and employees.  Using remote monitoring of your access control system also allows you or Systems Management Group real time control over points of entry and credentials, so if an employee status changes unexpectedly, you can adjust their level of access with a few clicks from your computer or an app on your smart device.  Pairing this system with a surveillance system with remote monitoring and Systems Management Group can provide you with a User Interface to track an individual’s movement.  Should any suspicious or criminal activities occur, you will have the proof and the monitoring system will capture every movement for submission to the appropriate authorities.

Greater Fire Safety and Emergency Response

Many potential customers do not realize that a key benefit of having remote monitoring service is increased fire safety.  Systems Management Group designs systems that, in the event of an emergency, the system will contact our monitoring station and give a status update.  Integrating the fire alarm or life safety system with monitoring services allows our monitoring station to notify proper authorities of the emerging situation in real time.  This also will prompt a series of other events, depending on the emergency, such as, opening doors so employees and guests can exit safely, a mass notification letting everyone know quickly and efficiently that an event has occurred, and notify first responders of the status of individuals in certain areas.

Other Benefits

When offering you remote monitoring services, Systems Management Group makes sure our services are upgradable and expandable.  Our customers can upgrade their monitoring services at any time, and they can even use integrated monitoring as the base of their business security plan.  Using Systems Management Group as your business’ single point of contact provides a significant benefit when using an integrated monitoring system.  Systems Management Group offers state-of-the-art monitoring services so you as a customer can track guests and employees comings and goings, and know exactly what’s going on inside the building at all times, from anywhere in the world.

Easier Installation and Effective Implementation

Today’s monitoring systems offered by Systems Management Group can be installed quicker and easier than systems of the past.  The newest systems require less equipment, cabling, and maintenance, and with Systems Management Group’s integration capabilities they can help your security team operate the system more efficiently.  Compared to the old analog systems that required complex wiring and multiple feeds, Systems Management Group can install a remote monitoring system that allows you to be up and running within a few hours and unlimited flexibility.

Easier Maintenance

Systems Management Group specializes in monitoring system design that require less maintenance once they are installed.  We also offer maintenance programs that will ensure your monitoring system lasts for years to come.  No longer will you have to worry about swapping tapes in your recorder, or hard drive space as the digital video feeds provided by Systems Management Group are highly compressible.  Systems Management Group also offers offsite storage and offsite remote monitoring of your system

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Call us today or email us for more information on purchase and installation of a remote monitoring and security system in a Denver area business. Alternatively, customers can visit the website to learn more about the products and services the company offers, or they can set up an appointment for a consultation. With help from a local monitoring system installer, business owners can protect their workers and assets. The system represents a significant investment, but it can provide peace of mind—which does not come with a price tag.