Fire Alarm Systems

Systems Management Group specializes in the integration of your fire alarm system with your security system, access control, camera system, audio/video system, and environmental control system. We provide licensed and certified expertise in the design, engineering, installation and service of intelligent fire alarm systems. Intelligent fire alarm systems are designed to protect your assets and provide life safety for the inhabitants of your facility. Our systems monitor and integrate with manual activation sensors that monitor for smoke detection, rise in heat detection, water flow from your sprinkler system, etc. and then notify the proper individuals when a situation arises.

Because the fire alarm industry is ever changing, SMG requires our staff to maintain relationships with each governing Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to ensure compliance with the code that is adopted in each AHJ’s area of authority. We also enforce a strict education policy for every team member. We stress the importance of training and obtaining certifications relating to fire alarm and life safety from both manufactures of fire alarm and life safety equipment and nationally recognized organizations like NICET and NFPA.

Design, Installation and Integration

SMG knows no two applications are the same and each project should be treated as such. Our employees are experts in system design and installation that will work with you for your project. Knowing our employees are trained, licensed and certified, you can feel safe knowing we will design a system that provides you with optimal protection for your property and people. Technology is ever-advancing and integrated fire alarm systems are expected to see tremendous advancements in the coming years. We are dedicated to education and because of this, when we design your intelligent fire alarm system, our eye will always be on the future. SMG’s trained and certified employees will design your intelligent fire alarm system to protect your assets today and allow compatibility for changes in protection for tomorrow.

SMG also understands the importance of your fire alarm system integrating with other electronic systems you may have in place. Using your intelligent alarm to communicate with your access control system allows certain doors to be opened or closed depending on needs and requirements of the facility. Integration with your energy management system allows for your HVAC to pull in clean air to a certain area, close off vents to certain areas, and provide specific air flow requirements for AOR (Areas of Refuge) allowing emergency responders the ability to help people in need more effectively. Fire alarm integration with your audio or communications system allows a message to be delivered to individuals in your facility promptly and efficiently, it could also allow for 2-way communication with individuals for status updates.

Testing, Inspection, Maintenance and Monitoring

SMG knows that selecting a fire alarm is only half of the battle. Every fire alarm and life safety system should be tested and inspected frequently. Proper maintenance should also be performed on the vital components of the system. Even when testing and inspection are not required by regulatory authorities or insurance carriers, it’s a sound practice ensure the proper functionality of your system. Adding monitoring of your fire alarm system through SMG will make the most of your investment in your fire alarm system and keep your assets protected at the highest level. We offer these services with our licensed and trained staff to ensure your system is working optimally.