We offer a comprehensive range of low voltage products as well as fire protection, suppression and detection products that represent high-performing and state-of-the-art technologies. Our long history in the fire protection and low voltage industries has enabled us to form strong, enduring relationships with the top manufacturers in the industry. We offer design, installation, service and maintenance of all of our products.

Audio/Visual System ›

Systems Management Group has a full offering of audio-visual systems for commercial, public address and residential systems. We design, install and service systems installed by our team. Our strategic partnerships with leaders in this technology allow us to offer the best equipment in the industry.

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Communications ›

The ability to communicate reliably and effectively in your business and in your home is critical not only to your safety, but also to your productivity. Systems Management Group has a comprehensive offering of communications equipment and technology to support your needs large or small.

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Electronic Safety and Security Systems ›

Systems Management Group designs, builds, services and monitors Electronic Safety and Security Systems. A properly designed security system consists of three independent components: electronic, architectural, and operational countermeasures.

Electronic countermeasures:

  • Card readers with swipe or proximity credentials
  • Audio and video devices such as microphones and cameras
  • Electronic door strikes
  • Mag locks
  • Electronic hinges
  • Other electronic devices.

Architectural countermeasures:

  • Doors
  • Gates
  • Electrified locking mechanisms
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Vehicular standoffs/bollards and protection

The concept of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) also falls within the realm of architectural security countermeasures.

Operational security countermeasures:

  • Patrols
  • Training
  • Policies and procedures
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Contingency factors

By balancing these elements and a formula for risk (Risk = Threat x Vulnerability / Countermeasures) SMG can achieve a higher level of security for our clients’ premises and/or assets. We are certified and trained in ESS system design, build and installation, and we will work in conjunction with your architects and engineers designing your ESS system to meet the regulatory requirements in your area.

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Enhanced Wireless Systems – BDA/DAS ›

When first responders are called to a building fire, one of their most critical needs is reliable communication. In 2017, the International Association of Fire Chiefs Survey reported that 98.5 percent of first responders reported dead spots in buildings. Fifty-six percent of those surveyed experienced in-building communications failure in emergencies and 31 percent experienced communication failure. BDA/DAS systems can eliminate that failure and ensure communications remain functional during emergencies.

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Expanded Fire Protection Services ›

Systems Management Group has partnered with American Fire Equipment to provide a wider array of fire protection offerings. This partnership, backed by the strength of Hiller, will allow you to streamline your services, maintenance and billing, as well as limit the numbers of technicians coming and going. We want you to rest assured that you have quality products and systems that will operate as intended, that you can quickly and easily maintain those systems and when you need help, it is just one call away.

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Fire Alarm Systems ›

Systems Management Group specializes in the integration of your fire alarm system with your security system, access control, camera system, audio/video system, and environmental control system. We provide licensed and certified expertise in the design, engineering, installation and service of intelligent fire alarm systems. Intelligent fire alarm systems are designed to protect your assets and provide life safety for the inhabitants of your facility. Our systems monitor and integrate with manual activation sensors that monitor for smoke detection, rise in heat detection, water flow from your sprinkler system, etc. and then notify the proper individuals when a situation arises.

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Life Safety Systems ›

Life safety systems are an integral part of the integrated electronic systems designed to keep the inhabitants of your facility safe and secure. Systems Management Group is trained, educated, and certified on the vast landscape of life safety systems codes. We work closely with the governing Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to adhere to and comply with the code adopted locally. SMG is a proud member of the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and works closely with their organization to train, educate and certify our team members in the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code for the United States. Life safety systems include: fire alarms, bi-directional firefighter radio amplification systems (BDA), Areas of Refuge (AOR), Mass Notification, Access Control, Weather Monitoring and other systems that directly relate to the fire alarm system and your safety.

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Video Surveillance ›

Video surveillance systems, also called camera systems or CCTV systems, have gained popularity over the past decade. Systems Management Group is licensed, trained, and certified to design, engineer, install, and service most manufacturers’ camera systems. Video surveillance can be as simple as a couple of cameras around your property hooked up to a centrally located display for you to see what’s going on or multiple cameras inside and outside along with the capability of remote viewing from your laptop or smart device. Camera systems come in either analog or digital designs, with some manufactures having “tri-brid” technology allowing for both analog and digital cameras to ride on the same network. We will work with you on the design of your project to ensure proper equipment is specified and installed. Your internal network is an integral part of video surveillance system, especially if you’re installing a digital camera system or you would like to view your cameras remotely. We can inspect your network and provide necessary feedback on its capabilities.

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