Evolution of Phone Systems

Not so long ago, Systems Management Group installed business phone systems that consisted of a maze of wires ran through your facility and a dedicated “network” closet to host the myriad of equipment needed to make these phone systems work efficiently.  With the advancement in technology, Systems Management Group can now provide phone systems that use your existing cabling as well as wireless technology to complete your phone system.  No longer will you be restricted by physical cabling, we can also add the ability to have your smart phone act as an extension to your phone system.

Phone System Options

When designing your phone system, Systems Management Group will work with you in discussing all options that are available today and in the future.  VoIP phone systems have become quite popular with our customers for many reasons.  The VoIP phone systems that we offer allow for almost unlimited expandability, as well as a plethora of options that many businesses desire and require.  VoIP phone systems features include web and video conferencing, intercom and paging, mobile softphones, virtual receptionist, smart phone use, and cost efficiency.  VoIP phone systems ride on your internet connection you will never have to wait on your traditional phone service company to make repairs to your phone lines.   The VoIP phone systems that Systems Management Group install also can save your organization money.  Traditionally customers paid a fee for long distance when they called over their traditional phone system, with a VoIP phone system, you are placing calls over the internet so long distant charges are eliminated.   VoIP phone systems also eliminate area code and phone number location restrictions of the past, since this system rides on your network, you can have any number in any place.  This is also a great function for a remote workforce.  As long as your employees have an internet connection, they can take their VoIP phone, plug it in to the network, and it is like they are sitting right in your corporate office.