Life safety systems are an integral part of the integrated electronic systems designed to keep the inhabitants of your facility safe and secure.  Systems Management Group is trained, educated, and certified on the vast landscape of life safety systems codes.  Systems Management Group works closely with the governing AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) to adhere to and comply with the code adopted in their region.

Systems Management Group is a proud member of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) and works closely with the NFPA to train, educate, and certify our team members in the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code for the United States.  Life safety systems include: fire alarms, bi-directional firefighter radio amplification systems (BDA), Areas of Refuge (AOR), Mass Notification, Access Control, Weather Monitoring, and other systems that directly relate to the fire alarm system and your safety!

Systems Management Group is licensed and carries manufacturer certifications to design, engineer, install, and service life safety systems.  We work closely with the AHJ to meet the regulatory requirements so you, as a customer, can rely on Systems Management Group as a turn-key contractor for your life safety system project.  Systems Management Group has the experience and expertise to integrate your life safety system with your other electronic security and communication devices so all of your systems are interconnected in your facility.