Security and Guest Entry Systems

Guest entry or telephone entry systems are designed to allow building occupants easy communication with guests at all entry points.  Systems Management Group sells guest entry systems with technology for both audio and video communication so your building occupants can clearly identify who is at the door.  These telephone entry systems are great for multi-family, business, and hospitality environments, and allow individuals in your facility to interact with guests when they are trying to gain entry.  Guest entry systems with video communication are ideal for offices, daycare centers, schools, and government buildings where identity confirmation is required.

Service and Installation

Whether you are starting a new project or have a current system in place, Systems Management Group can help you get things running smoothly. Systems Management Group can service and maintain your existing system regardless of size or age, or we can design a new system from the ground up.  Guest entry systems can be designed or upgraded with an audio/video system or an audio only set up.  Having a system that incorporates both audio and video technology is the most effective way to secure the entire building because it allows you to visually verify individuals as well as record the images.

Integration with Other Technology

Systems Management Group designs your guest entry system to integrate seamlessly with the technology you currently have in place.  Systems Management Group will review your current access control system for compatibility with integration to your guest entry system, and through our design, will ensure proper functionality.  Along with the access control, Systems Management Group will work with your existing, or design a new CCTV system to integrate with your guest entry system.

Easy Expansion

Systems Management Group designs your system to allow for expandability.  The perfect design allows for customers to expand and change the configuration as needed.  During the decision-making process, Systems Management Group works with our customers on what future accommodations may be required as their company changes, and we discuss the advantages of prewiring for such instances in case they arise.


Systems Management Group is licensed, certified, trained, and experienced in installing guest entry and telephone entry systems.  These systems can be installed in a variety of sectors such as:

  • Taverns, bars, and restaurants
  • Industrial buildings and warehouses
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Government buildings such as federal buildings, municipal buildings, and courthouses
  • Strip malls
  • Single storefronts
  • Self storage facilities
  • Hotels and motels/li>
  • Dental offices
  • Nursing homes
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Assisted living facilities

For most business owners, the security of workers, customers and inventory is a top priority.  Don’t trust your building’s security to just any company, call Systems Management Group and know you’re in the hands of experts.

Intrusion Detection Systems

When considering an intrusion detection system (more commonly referred to as a security system or a burglar alarm) there are many options available.  Systems Management Group works with you to talk about all the options available so we can pick the best system that fits your needs.  When thinking about a security system, a few things to think about would be monitoring, equipment type and limitations, and automation capabilities.



When monitoring your burglar alarm system, Systems Management Group provides you with multiple options.  The most popular option for the past 30 years has been landline (telephone) monitoring; however, in recent years this type of technology has really seen a downturn.  Landlines no longer provide the reliability they previously did, and they do not allow you as a customer remote access to your system for smart phone control.

Cellular monitoring has become the new norm when it comes to monitoring your intrusion detection system.  This technology allows your alarm system to communicate over cellphone towers, not reliant on the traditional landline infrastructure.  Systems Management Group can also use your cellular communicator inside of your security system to provide you with remote access to your system through your computer or smart phone.  This will allow you to arm/disarm your system from your smart phone, receive alerts when a kid or housekeeper arms/disarms your system, view cameras, unlock doors, control lights, control thermostats, etc.  This type of automation has really become popular, smart homes give our customers more control of their lives.

Broadband or internet monitoring is a 3rd option for monitoring of your alarm system, and also gives you the same remote access as above.  Internet monitoring is becoming more popular, however, it is still reliant on your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to be operational and configured to your security system.



Traditional security systems are a thing of the past; customers are no longer concerned with only securing the doors of their facility.  Systems Management Group meets with our customers and designs a smart home system that truly gives our customers control of their property and real time notifications when events happen.  Besides your normal doors, windows, and motion detection, here is a list of devices we can now connect to your smart home system to give you peace of mind.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Smoke/Heat Detectors
  • Flood Sensor
  • Freeze Sensor
  • Gun Safe Sensor
  • Liquor Cabinet Sensor
  • Medical Alert Sensors
  • Asset Sensors
  • Personal Security Devices
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Garage Door Position Sensors
  • Doorbell Camera
  • Automated Door Locks
  • Automated Blinds
  • Automated Light Switches/Dimmers
  • Automated Electrical Receptacles
  • Automated Thermostats