Keep People and Property Safe with Gates and Perimeter Security

Many facilities have reasons to restrict access to some or all of their property when access is restricted, only authorized individuals are able to access the property or buildings.  Systems Management Group designs and builds gate and perimeter security systems to serve as a deterrent.  However, when an authorized individual attempts to breach the security measures put in place, it’s important to have an intelligent system in place to ensure your property is secure.

When designing gates and perimeter security for a particular property, Systems Management Group will analyze what the facility is used for and the purpose of the protection.  For example, a residential community might use a gate to display its exclusivity.  On the other hand, a business property that holds expensive equipment or valuable intellectual property might need a gate to keep out unauthorized individuals.

Most facilities that use security gate, the exterior gates are merely the first line of Perimeter Security.  The gate is a clear indication to anyone not permitted to enter the facility that other measures are likely in place to keep any unauthorized persons out of secure areas.  Once a guest gets past the gate, they can expect to be met with another secure point of entry requiring additional credentials to enter.  Systems Management Group designs your gate and perimeter security system with the notion that if a company invested in gates and perimeter security, they will ultimately be stopped by security and detained.

Installing the proper gate for your facility is paramount to the integrity of your system design.  Systems Management Group works to install the proper gate security system so that vehicles as well as pedestrians will be stopped and checked for proper credentials prior to moving further on to the property.  While simple keycard access on the building entries may be enough security for some facilities, gate and perimeter security is the type of security measure for areas where unauthorized access can be potentially dangerous.  As a service to the public, Systems Management Group can install a security gate to keep people out where they are walking or driving a car.  When designing your gate and perimeter security system to protect your property, Systems Management Group carefully considers all factors to keep your facility and perimeter secure.  There are many options to secure your perimeter with today’s technology. To make sure we have the best system designed for your facility, Systems Management Group meets with your organization to best determine your needs and desires.