Electronic Safety and Security (ESS) systems

Systems Management Group designs, builds, services, and monitors Electronic Safety and Security Systems.  A properly designed security system consists of (3) independent components, electronic, architectural, and operational countermeasures.

Electronic countermeasures

Including card readers with swipe or proximity credentials, audio and video devices such as microphones and cameras, electronic door strikes, mag locks, electronic hinges, as well as other electronic devices.

Architectural countermeasures

Including doors, gates, electrified locking mechanisms, communications infrastructure, vehicular standoffs/bollards and protection.  The concept of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) also falls within the realm of architectural security countermeasures.

Operational security countermeasures

Including patrols, training, policies and procedures, emergency preparedness, and contingency factors.

By balancing these elements and a formula for risk (Risk = Threat x Vulnerability / Countermeasures) Systems Management Group can achieve a higher level of security for our clients premise and/or assets.

Systems Management Group is certified and trained in ESS system design, build and installation.  We will work in conjunction with your architects and engineers designing your ESS system to meet the regulatory requirements in your area.