Design and Engineering

One of the most overlooked and key contributing factors to budgetary issues is the absence of a low voltage system design.  Without a low voltage system design, it can be difficult to understand the intent of the systems to be installed.  Systems Management Group offers complete CAD designs/specifications for all of your low voltage system needs, including but not limited to, surveillance, access control, automation, fire alarm, security system, telephone entry, and audio/video systems.  Systems Management Group also works closely with service providers such as Qwest/Century Link, Comcast, DirecTV, etc and their engineers to deliver you with a design that meets their specifications and your needs.  Working closely with you as a client and your design team, we can provide you with the proven experience to address your needs and budget ensuring a flawless design and an efficient and integrated low voltage system from conception to installation.

Planning is Always Crucial

As a low voltage design professional, Systems Management Group emphasizes the importance of careful planning prior to any construction.  Low voltage cabling, for example, can be easily incorporated in to construction plans if their locations are carefully mapped prior to construction.  However, once construction has started and walls and ceilings are enclosed, modifications or additions can quickly become costly.  Systems Management Group will work with you through the design and planning stages of your low voltage electronics to eliminate any costly change orders.  We will work to address your current issues, as well as work with you to anticipate any future needs that may need to be addressed in the planning stage.  Systems Management Group designs your low voltage system using the most efficient cable available to prevent any service issues developing in the future.  Systems Management Group will discuss all your options for low voltage design and give you our expert opinion so you will have the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Increase Efficiency with Quality Low Voltage Design and Engineering

Low voltage systems are increasingly important to virtually all businesses as more reliance is placed on the items using low voltage systems.  With computers requiring networks that can deliver high speed access, to the automation of your lighting and energy management systems, to the sophisticated security systems, low voltage design and engineering is at the forefront of concerns when building new facilities or upgrading aging ones.  As an industry expert, Systems Management Group recommends that our customers pay special attention to both current and anticipated needs while preparing your low voltage system design.

Is Expansion Likely in the Future

Low voltage design and engineering covers a variety of systems commonly used or required in most facilities.  Access control, security systems, fire alarms, automation, surveillance systems, and more are routinely used and or required and it will save you time and money to carefully consider what types of systems will be needed prior to the start of any new construction or remodeling projects.  Systems Management Group also works with you to explore all the newest available technology, as well as any new systems that are expected to be introduced in the near future.  Working with Systems Management Group through these steps while designing your low voltage system allows us to anticipate updates in hardware and software, and allows us to “future proof” your facility for future cabling, hardware, or software that may be required.  Although this may add some additional expense that must be absorbed now, the investment is certainly worthwhile compared with the costs that would be incurred later if the preparations for expansion were ignored.

Because phone systems, computers and networks, security systems, access control, automation, fire alarms and many other systems critical to your operation rely on low voltage cabling, taking the time to properly plan a low voltage system with Systems Management Group that will meet both current and future anticipated needs is a sound business investment.