Systems Management Group provides design, engineering, installation, service, and maintenance of commercial video systems, along with the integration of commercial video systems with your existing low voltage electronics.

Commercial video systems are a multi-source, multi-display matrix that allows for the end user to control all of your TV’s from one central location.  A well designed commercial video system maintains hi-definition media integrity, video sync, and ease-of-use control.  When designing your system, Systems Management Group will determine the intended purpose of your video system and recommend displays that will meet your specifications.  Displays for commercial video systems vary vastly and have some important questions that must be answered before we can provide you with our recommendation.  The content that will be shown on your display, the lighting in the room, the distance from each display, the viewing angle, the average seating height, intent of the venue, occupancy, and many other factors help Systems Management Group determine the best display for your commercial video system.