Systems Management Group is a low voltage integrator in the Colorado and Arizona markets. We specialize in consulting, designing, installing, servicing, and integrating your low voltage systems; from fire alarms, intrusion alarms, access control, camera systems, audio/video systems, BDA systems, area of refuge systems, telecommunications and data systems, etc. Systems Management Group was founded on the idea of being a service company first, so you know we will be around to ensure your systems work flawlessly for the life of the system.

Systems Management Group has several divisions within our company. We do this to ensure the team members we send out are highly skilled in their field. Systems Management Group requires our technicians to attend extensive training classes and become certified in the products they are installing or servicing.

Consulting/Design is one of our divisions here at Systems Management Group and we believe it starts the foundation of success for every project we do. A team member from our consulting and design division will meet with you to understand your needs and provide you with industry expertise in how we can achieve your goals in your low voltage electronics. After we understand your needs, we bring that information back to our design team to make an actual low voltage plan to present to you or your general contractor. This plan is vital to your systems success, as it will ensure everyone on your team and ours is moving in the same direction.

Construction is the division at Systems Management Group that works on large multifamily, hospitality, or commercial installations. Our team members in the construction division are skilled in taking a project from the beginning stages of construction all the way through you getting your certificate of occupancy. Systems Management Group’s construction division will be with you every step of the way from the first cable being pulled to actually training you and your staff on how to use the equipment that is installed at the end of the job. Knowing that we have dedicated staff members to be with you every step of the way is a breath of fresh air for our customers.

Fire Alarms
Fire Alarms are an essential part of life safety for your property, so Systems Management Group mandates that every team member on the Fire Alarm division be trained, certified, and licensed to install and service your equipment. Knowing that the technician on site is dedicated to the Fire Alarm and Life Safety division should give you peace of mind that Systems Management Group isn’t providing you with a “jack of all trades” but a master of one!

New Installs
New Installs focuses on the installations of new equipment in existing facilities. The team members in this division are trained and certified in every system we offer and they are dedicated to installing your new system with the least amount of down time and intrusion into your everyday normal operations. When the installation is complete, our technicians will train you on your products so you are comfortable with how they operate.

Service division at Systems Management Group is the glue that holds everything together. The team members on the service division have been in the industry for many years and hold various certifications throughout our entire service offerings. You can feel at ease knowing that when you call Systems Management Group for service of your equipment you will get a highly trained and certified team member.

Maintenance division at Systems Management Group consists of team members trained and certified in keeping your system up and running. Systems Management Group encourages all of our customers to sign up for a maintenance program to lock in their costs of service on their equipment for a long time coming. Systems Management Group will develop a maintenance plan for your property and low voltage equipment where we come out and perform routine maintenance on your equipment to keep it in optimal working order. Also, when you have a maintenance agreement, we will keep replacement parts in stock just in case of a system failure, this allows us to have you up and running again with minimal down time.